2013 Travel Plans

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New year with new plans, this post will draw a picture for you on our 2013 travel plans. Where will we go and for how long?

2013 a new year with new plans!

It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve started our permanent travel, we crossed the United States and roamed around Bolivia and now we are in the Galapagos, all according to our last 6 months plan.

So, we though of sharing the rest of our 2013 travel plans.


We are still in the Ecuador till end of April, visiting the Galapagos for a month or 2 and then head to another city/town or 2. We are thinking of Baños and Montañita and all depends on how comfortable we will be with the Galapagos and how much fun we will get.

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Our plane tickets will take us to Madrid –$1000 cheaper with intention to stay for 10 days during May visiting some friends and enjoying the Spanish food, then we’ll head directly to Paris.

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We will land in Paris in May and maybe stay for couple of nights before heading to Bernay a lovely French countryside town where we plan to stay for the rest of May and June.

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Our plan is then to head to Morocco for the month of July and part of August to spend the wholly month of Ramadan and enjoy the Moroccan traditions during that month.

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Home sweet home!

We’re planning to spend around 3 months with a lot of family and friends visits and also we are planning to explore Egypt more. Maybe a visit to Aswan, Dahab, Hurghada, Alexandria and some of Egypt’s stunning desert oasis.

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Saudi Arabia

If everything went well and as we are planning, we should be in Saudi Arabia by end of December and planning to spend 3 months also visiting friends but mainly to visit Mecca.

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  1. This looks like a fantastic itinerary!!! I have a love affair with Paris and Spain. Where in Spain are you going? Is Ronda on your list by any chance?

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s Madrid where we are heading nd only for 10 days. Spain needs at least few months to live the culture and enjoy their cities.

  2. Wow, that sounds like an amazing itinerary. We hope to visit Ecuador in March or April, mainly the coast and Cuenca. Perhaps we’ll see you there?

    Very cool, going to Mecca. I’d like to go but they won’t let me in. *sigh* Such is the disadvantage of not being a Muslim. I noticed you won’t be there until well after the Hajj. Have you done it yet?
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    • Thanks 🙂 we are staying in Ecuador till last week of April (leaving Apr 25), send us an email or mention on Twitter to meet.

      Mecca is a dream for us and one day we will go for Hajj but not this year.

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