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Pacsafe Luggage 55L Backpack Pacsafe Luggage 55L Backpack – $59.14

Featuring the patented smart exomesh cage system, the pacsafe is an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device, designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering, and theft. Read our experienceBassel: Little bit heavy but comes very useful if you had to sleep in airport, lock your backpack and sleep without worrying of theft. We managed to get used one from Craigslist for $10

Sizes available: 55L, 85L, 120L, 140L.

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Design Go Luggage Protech Shoulder Pouch – $17.95

Superior quality holster wallet with 3 compartments.

Colors available: Gray, Tan – $15.

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National Hardware V334 The Wedge Door Stop, Brown, 2-Pack, 4-Inch Door Stop – $0.99

Wedge-style door stop holds doors in any position.Holds doors with up to 1-1/4-Inch clearanceFlexible rubber material is for superior wedging action. Read our experienceBassel: Some toilets doesn't have a locker or it's broken, this comes very handy for such situations. Also, it's an extra protection for your room while sleeping.

Colors available: Brown

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STORM All-Weather Safety Black STORM All-Weather Safety Black – $7.34

This all weather whistle was designed for the US Army Special Forces. Works above and below water and can purge itself ofmud, snow, sand. 75% louder than most other whistles. Color: Rescue orange. Read our experienceBassel: Extremely loud, can be used in any emergency and you can also use against street dogs while traveling or in theft/attack situation.

Colors available: Black, Red.

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