4 Fool-Proof Methods For Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Whether you’re a business person who takes regular trips, a digital nomad who is constantly on the move, a backpacker embarking on a long trip, or a once-off vacationer, staying healthy while traveling is a priority. Travel of any kind generally means long days, an irregular routine, unfamiliar climate, new food, and potentially a few too many drinks at an important business dinner or while out partying with your new friends from around the world. 

To stay safe and make the most of your trip, your body and mind need to remain in at least a decent condition. Luckily for you, you live in the 21st century and have access to magical tools such as portable water filters and online personal trainers! So no excuses then… Here are four top tips on how to stay healthy and fit while traveling:

Hydration is key

H2O is the stuff of life. It’s arguably the key to good health in general (although air might have something to say about that) and drinking enough of the stuff is the single most important factor when it comes to staying healthy while traveling! Whether you’re jumping between business meetings and conferences or spending long days on the beach, drinking enough good-quality water is vital. 

Those two little words, “good” and “quality”, are really important. Water quality is highly variable from place to place, so always ensure that the water you’re drinking is safe for consumption. Between the internet and the (hopefully) friendly locals, you shouldn’t have a problem obtaining this information. Traveling with a portable water filtration system is highly advisable when you know you’re going somewhere where good water is scarce. 

Other top tips for staying hydrated while traveling include carrying a reusable bottle or thermos and aiming to drink at least 30-50% more than you would on an average day at home to compensate for the added stress that traveling puts on the body.

Try to maintain a balanced diet

One of the best things about traveling is temporarily letting go of some of the dietary restrictions you maintain at home and trying weird and wonderful foods. While we’d never suggest foregoing these pleasures entirely, there’s a solid argument for at least maintaining some semblance of a good diet if you’re serious about staying healthy while traveling. 

This can be tricky when you’re constantly on the move, eating out for most of your meals, or are unable to understand the labels on food packaging. Luckily, things such as fresh fruits and vegetables are pretty ubiquitous and pretty much all offer solid health benefits, even if you have no idea what they are! Try to snack on things such as bananas, apples and carrots whenever possible – if you can’t find any of those, sample the local produce or sneak in a few salads instead of only munching greasy street food and takeout.

Pace yourself

Sure, there are deals to close, sights to see, and a limited time to do it all. But pacing yourself and planning ahead are also important when it comes to sustaining your energy levels and staying healthy while traveling. The excitement of being in a new place and desire to impress your hosts or travel partners can lead to extreme amounts of adrenaline. But, knowing your limits is also important. 

Some top tips for ensuring you have enough in the tank to keep going indefinitely while traveling includes not trying to get everything done on day one, making sure you get enough sleep and trying to avoid excessive exposure to the elements if you’re going to be outside all day.

Squeeze in some exercise

This one is especially vital when taking longer trips. It’s hard to get into a solid routine while traveling, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding some time to exercise. This can be anything from doing some push-ups in your hotel room to downloading an app that allows you to train online anywhere, anytime. 

Finding time to move after long-haul flights, days of meetings and when you’re eating and drinking more unhealthily than usual is extremely important. Equally, even if you’re walking around a lot or doing other physically demanding activities, it’s a good idea to do some stretching and other warm-up/down exercises to avoid injuries and keep your muscles fresh. Although it’s not exactly exercise, a little bit of meditation here or there can also be a great method for staying healthy while traveling – maybe you’ll even enjoy it so much that you’ll maintain this excellent habit once you return home!

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