What a Backpacker’s Day Looks Like…

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Today was kind of a tough day (October 16, 2012)…

Woke up and packed, did some cleaning to the room and bathroom where we stayed, prepared our breakfast and then the day started: two hours walking in a park in the middle of the desert near Vegas (35 degrees Celsius). Upon our return 30 minutes later we spent one hour standing in a queue to check in to the hotel. Took a shower to refresh and spent one hour and a half watching the Obama/Romney debate. Then we spent three hours walking in the streets and casinos and one and a half hours checking emails at McDonald’s and hoping that we could walk back to the hotel (which is actually our first night in a hotel in almost two months, so we HAVE to go!!!).

The Desert

The Strip

The Casinos

But since we don’t gamble, we even didn’t have a chance to take a seat and rest!

And finally, The Reward

I know this is nothing compared to people who trek through the jungle, but after all, Vegas is a kind of jungle too!

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