Things I miss from Toronto

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List of things I really miss from when we were in Toronto, we spent 2 beautiful years and most of it was cold “really cold” but I can’t deny how comfy and clean the city was.

Street Cars, Subway and Buses (aka Public Transportation)

This one is everywhere “almost” but in Toronto it was different. On time and on schedule, clean, automatic announcements for your stop and status update if there is a problem.

Buses in Cochabamba

Unsafe and unreliable buses in the city of Cochabamba

Internet Reliability

While it’s expensive in Toronto, but we can’t deny that you can have real reliable broadband service specially if you are a digital nomad.

Clean Water

The ability to open your tap and drink without worrying of infection is priceless!

Movie Theaters

My favorit! We had a weekly routine while in Toronto, every Saturday we watch a new movie. I know it’s so cheap to buy pirated version of the movie while on the road, but there are nothing like an IMAX theater with your pop & corn.

Clean Public Toilets

I leave this for your imagination…

Our toilette during our trip in the Bolivian pampas, this one was super clean


Not any shopping, everything you can imagine you can find it, specialized stores, shop online, used or new, you name it! Everything was so simple.

Shower Pressure

When we first arrived in Toronto we noticed the water pressure immediately! We heard about this problem almost on every blog, but never understood this until we experienced Toronto water pressure ourselves.


Showers in South America, low pressure. Really low!

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