Free iPad, how did that happen!

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This is a true story that happened by mistake with us and not “how to get free iPad” kinda post

As we were preparing for our ongoing travel around the world, we’ve decided to buy an iPad for my wife so each will have their own. We went to BestBuy Canada and purchased one with an extended warranty. We also got a confirmation from the agent that the warranty will cover any problems while we are traveling abroad.

Anyway, a month ago while we were in the States we discovered that the home button wasn’t functioning well, so we took it to the nearest BestBuy store and asked for repair. We took the receipt and the warranty with us so that we have all the required documents in case they asked for any.

At the store they checked the receipt on their records and found nothing, so they called the Canada office who claimed that prior to any repairs we should get an estimate from their BestBuy US and send that estimate to BestBuy Canada who will then send us their approval (see the irony!). I had a long discussion with Canada CS on how this is not what in our extended insurance policy which says that as long as we are in Canada or US we are covered 100%.

I had several calls with the office and send several emails explaining what was written in their policy and how frustrated we became and that we will go to the buyer protection agency if they didn’t solve the problem right away.

At the end we reached a financial settlement and got compensated for the frustration we had for the whole price of the iPad.

But still the iPad was not functioning well and we need to fix it!

Couples of weeks later and after returning from our amazing trip to Las Vegas, we decided to go to Apple store as we still have a valid manufacturer warranty. We took an appointment at the nearest store through their website and went.

At the store we explained the problem, the guy their checked our iPad and confirmed the problem and decided to give us a new one! 5 minutes later we had our new iPad and left the store without paying a penny!

That’s how we got our iPad for free, and all thanks to awesome Apple Stores.

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