Halal food in Toronto downtown

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Toronto is a big city and have a lot of restaurants, Arabic food can be found easily in the city in plenty of places.

Arabic restaurants 

– Paramount:

Middle-Eastern cuisine and the meat/chicken is certified Halal food. During Ramadan the place is extremely busy and advised to arrive early to iftar time.

– Tabülè Middle Eastern Cuisine
Much quieter than Paramount and this is a Lebanese restaurant, some of the meat is Halal. Ask before you order.

KFC style chicken, the food is cheap and according to the people who works inside the meat is Halal.

Certified Halal burger.

Some of the supermarkets in downtown sell Halal food.
– Longos:

– Loblaws:

You can find Halal meat & chicken and hot-dog.


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  2. very nice post of Halal food.

  3. They sell shawarmas, falafel, etc.

  4. Now I have a terrible cravings! I know what you mean about downtown Toronto too. I rewarded myself with a cinnamon bun after my trip there this weekend lol!

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