The One Thing You Must Do in Bernay

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Summary: If you are fond of paintings and old collections, you should visit Bernay’s small museum. It is not the Louvre, of course, but it is still well stocked with very nice paintings, old furniture and some sculptures.


A painting in the museum

As we are now in France, staying in Bernay (my home town), we thought it would be nice to write a few articles about the city—first, because we totally love it, and second, because we think the place is worth visiting. Our purpose is to share with you all that we like so much about Bernay, and hopefully inspire you to come and visit the town.


A sculpture in the museum

This post is about the museum of Bernay. We had a very nice surprise while visiting the museum, when we found that there were a great variety of different kinds of art from various periods. The second great thing is that you won’t lose yourself in the museum and won’t be dying for a chair when you finish!


Old furniture

The ticket for the museum includes a visit to the very old abbey of Bernay (1010), which is the oldest abbey in Normandy and is considered to be an important edifice from the early times of Roman art in Normandy.


The abbey from outside

The abbey is not used as a church anymore, but is used for concerts, exhibitions and exposures. When we stepped inside, it was like we had transported in time. The big ceiling with the enormous walls takes over your senses and separates you from the present. It takes you to the age when men held swords and wore helmets.
It’s fascinating and breathtaking.


The abbey of Bernay

Below are a few shots taken during our visit.


An old registration book


One room of the museum


The door of the abbey

Good to know:

  • The museum is located in the public garden (jardin public).
  • The entrance costs €3.90.
  • It is closed on Mondays.
  • The entrance is FREE every Wednesday and the first Sunday of each month.

What did you like most when you visited France?

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