Sajama Fauna, Bolivian Wildlife & Nature, Part 1

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Sajama is the oldest Bolivian national park. Although it is a protected area, you can’t see as many wild animals as in the pampas. However, fauna is still sometimes surprising there.

Nothing tells a story better than a photograph, so instead of describing our experience at Sajama National Park and what we saw, we’ll let our photos do the talking and showcase all the spectacular Bolivian wildlife in this old park.


A duck! OMG!

But also:



Sajama is really the best place to see llamas, as hundreds of them are living in the park. Of course, they’re not wild animals, but they are really cute!







There are some lagoons a 20-minute drive from the village where you can see pink flamingos.

The extinguishing vicuñas are a wild llama species collected by the villagers once per year to cut their pricey wool. They are then released.


A vicuña

Unfortunately, we didn’t see a condor, which is also becoming rare. Or maybe the big bird I saw while climbing to the Mirador was one—who knows!

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