Tractor Pulling Contest in Bernay

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Summary: Do you like motor sports and big trucks? Then this post is for you! The annual Tractor Pulling contest in Bernay takes place in the beginning of June, and we had the chance to be there this year to attend the event and share with you some photos of this amazing sport.

Tractor Pulling Eurocup in Bernay

Tractor Pulling Eurocup in Bernay

We arrived to the stadium to attend the so-called Tractor Pulling contest. The sun was gently beating on our skins, giving us this nice warm feeling after a few cold and rainy days. We started to hear the roaring engines of these big tractors, followed by cheers from the audience while we were approaching the contest track.

We were wearing our press and VIP badges, as we were invited to cover this annual contest as part of the press team. We started by taking our places and getting close so we could get clear photo shots. We settled in for what promised to be a long and exciting day of pulling.

A quick breakdown of this tractor pulling: This motor sport event comes from the US and involves modifying tractors in order for them to pull a heavy sledge along a 300-foot track—the winner being the tractor that pulls the sledge farthest. Tractor pulling is one of the most powerful motor sports in the world. The event attracts around 15,000 people to in Bernay each June, and the spectators typically come from France and Europe.

Why Bernay:

It’s been thirty years that Bernay, this beautiful little town in Normandy, has hosted the tractor pulling competition (French championships and Eurocup) at the “parc des expositions”.”After all these years, the town has become “the European capital of motor sports” – l’Eveil Normand newspaper.


Part of the event, the startup of the pull


One of the trucks during the pulling


Didn’t go well?


The huge power pulling the loads, see the tiers!


The second group of truck pulling


Side from the event


The great power of engines in the tractor pulling


Almost 60 meters


The winners of the first group in the afternoon, French teams only


See the smoke from the engine!


Truck for carrying the tractors


The organizer Joseph Lerooy


Maurice Lefebvre, photographer

Tractor Pulling Facts:

  • The event is a one-day competition that takes place annually on the first weekend of June.
  • Depending on the weather, white clothes are not recommended due to mud splashes caused by tractors.
  • Use earplugs or ear protection during the event because it gets very noisy.
  • You will find plenty of booths offering food and drinks.
  • There is a camping area nearby the “parc des expositions”.
  • Bernay is 94 miles from Paris (one and a half hours by train).
  • It is not allowed to bring alcohol.
  • The ticket costs €20 (€18 online).
  • We are not aware of any public transportation, but the stadium is not far from downtown.
  • Get a good zoom for your camera for startup moments.
  • Bring your own camping chair unless you prefer to set on the ground.
  • Binoculars are not a must, but will be useful for some moments.

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