Where to Eat in Oruro

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Where to eat or have a drink in Oruro? Despite the fact that Oruro is not a very big city, there are plenty of good places to eat and have a drink so you won’t have any problem to find what you want.

* 1$=6.95 BoB “Bolivianos” (2012)

Though it is mentioned in travel guides that the best food in Bolivia is in Cochabamba, we found in Oruro quite a lot of decent and cheap restaurants where we had most of the times “almuerzos” (lunches) and sometimes dinner, here is a list of our favorites.

  • Suigerneris

607 calle 6 de Octubre. They have Almuerzos (set lunches) for 17 bob and dinner for around 25 bob. Every Thursday night there is a band who plays jazz, it was very crowded when we were there but they have another room in the back. On Fridays and Saturdays there is also a band who plays other kinds of music. The owner Rolando who is also sculptor is a very nice guy, the staff also is nice.


Omelette with carrots

  • E&B

In Potosi near Bolivar. We went there once for lunch, it is a typical bolivian restaurant the almuerzo (set lunch) costs 20bob.

  • Mi casa es tu casa

Unfortunately we don’t have the exact address but it is on the left hand side from Bolivar st towards Plaza 10 de Febrero maybe in Soria Galvarro st or La Plata st. It is also a bolivian restaurant, almuerzos are a little bit more expensive (25bob), but the restaurant is nicer and the staff is nice.


Sopa de fideo (soup with pasta) Mi casa es tu casa

  • Panaderia y Pasteleria “La Polar”

Calle Aldana entre La Plata. A very nice place where you can have hot and cold drinks and sweets.

  • El Negrito

623 Calle Bolivar. We had there the best almuerzo of Oruro, we couldn’t even finish it! Prices are around 18bob.

There are many other restaurants we tried, all in Bolivar street and where we had nice almuerzos, prices range from 15bob to 25bob.

The other option is the markets where you have a lots of eateries as well but we didn’t try.

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