13 Essential Items for Long-Haul Travel

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Summary: In the course of many months of travel, we have found that the accessories we discuss in detail below are all essential to a successful trip. They will save you some awkward moments and generally make your overseas trip a far more pleasurable experience. If you liked that so far, follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Page.

As you will see in a minutes, this isn’t a list of the most essential accessories for overseas travel. Obviously you’re going to need a passport, money, a toothbrush, a suitable bag and a bunch of other stuff—but you already knew that, right?

This is a list of less obvious essentials for any overseas trip:


This is a very useful accessory when you are traveling overseas. It’s also a second line of defense when it comes to security, and you can easily put it behind your door if the door doesn’t close properly. Buy Now


Lightweight rope

We bought one of these tent ropes and use it in different situations, but mainly for drying wet clothes.

Over-the-door hook

Have you ever gone to a public toilet holding a few bags and found the floor wet or dirty? Or rented a room with no hangers? This over-the-door hook comes in handy in instances like these! Buy Now

Over the door hook


Never leave without it! You never know what awkward situation you might find yourself in while traveling—whether your boat dies in the middle of nowhere or you are chased by pack of wild monkeys. Being prepared for such situations is important, and a really LOUD whistle is nearly mandatory. Buy Now


Travel towel

These are especially useful—besides the obvious shower use—when going to beach, hiking in the middle of a jungle, or finding that your hotel towel stinks. Travel towels are extremely light and compact—an item that should never be left at home! Buy Now

Travel Light Towel


Useful for protecting you from direct sun, holding your hair, serving as an alternative to a towel, etc. Bandanas are handy and essential items, especially when traveling. Buy Now

Travel bandana

Can opener

Ever struggled to open a tuna can? Can openers are small and light, and last for years. They come in handy more often than you’d thing, all experienced budget travelers know how important it is to have one. Buy Now

Can opener

Dish towel

We bought this item on the way, and use it a lot as we usually rent flats or rooms that are not always totally furnished. You will especially need one if you cook. Buy Now

Dish Towels

A pot

We bought a small pot on the road and use it mainly to boil water.

A plastic box

These are useful for storing sugar, salt, tea and coffee. We originally bought our box to protect things from ants.

A peeler

We don’t have a lot of kitchen utensils, but a peeler is essential if you like potatoes! Buy Now


Scotch tape

We usually carry scotch tape, which we mainly use to close shampoo and other bottles to prevent spills while traveling.


Four or five of them are very useful for different purpose.

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