Camping @ Ras Mohamed national park in Sinai – Egypt

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We went camping in Ras-Mohamed in 2009, and it was quite an experience as we don’t have a car and on the top of that, we don’t drive. So we had to stay at Sharm-El-Sheikh for two days in a hotel and find someone who could take us to the desert and come back three days later to pick us up. This was during the Muslim feast (Eïd El Fitr) but thanks God we could find someone.

So we left with exactly six bottles of water, some chinese noddles and tuna cans… To stay for three days in the middle of the desert in the first beginning of September at a temperature of 35/40 degrees. When we arrived, after searching for the site with the driver for an hour as the place isn’t very well indicated, we pitched our tent. There was three other campers who were actually researchers and a guy with a lorry and a generator who was also cooking for them. He gave us a few gallons of water and even some food as he seemed to feel pity for us with our tuna cans!


Yet, the place is really wonderful. We were awake at 6/7 in the morning, because the tent was really too hot and just spent the whole three days snorkeling and drying and snorkeling and drying etc… The experience is awesome. But you really need a car to get there, bring enough food and water.

Although you’ll find websites telling you that there is a camping area, there is no commodities, only some kind of restrooms (4 walls and a whole), but no shower or tape water.


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