Things to Do in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles is the city where we stayed the longest—although we didn’t stay in Los Angeles itself, but at Mission Viejo, which is an hour and a half driving from L.A. We could go to downtown as often as we wanted, however, as Bassel’s uncle works there.

We always feel in our element when we are in the heart of a city, and L.A is a very nice city to walk around.


What Can You Do for Free in L.A.?

First of all there is the famous Hollywood Boulevard, where you can spend hours just walking and looking for the star of your favorite celebrity. The boulevard is very long, so you can spend easily the afternoon there.


Not free, but Very Fun! Wax museum . You can buy tickets online for $14. We had a lot of fun inside the museum!


This was our first visit to downtown L.A. After that, we would start our “L.A. downtown days” at 16th street and Los Angeles street, where Bassel’s uncle works, and then take a day pass ($5/ each) or even walk around without taking any bus or subway.

The Grand Central Market is a very nice market where you can buy fresh food, fruits and vegetables. There are also plenty of nice and very cheap restaurants of different types.


The library is also a nice place to see.


The library from inside


Just in front the library you will find a place with coffee shops and restaurants on Flower street.



It is very easy to get around downtown L.A. There is a subway and a good bus network. You can buy a ticket for $2 or a day pass for $5 (+$1 for the cart, which is rechargeable. Prices in 2012.).

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