40 Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know

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Since a trip requires careful planning, we’ve listed below our first part of some important things your should know to prepare for a safe trip anywhere.

  1. Less is more! The goal is to be able to fit everything into one carry-on bag.
  2. Entertainment is important. Be it a Kindle, iPad, or playing cards, bring something to fight boredom.
  3. Ditch the guidebook! Just take notes on what you’ll need to know, as that takes up a lot less space.
  4. Pack both a wallet and money belt. Place your emergency cash and important documents in the belt, in case you lose your wallet.
  5. Roll your clothes! This will save a ton of space.
  6. Remember to bring some Tiger Balm. This is a travel panacea!
  7. Always bring a hat! Be it to keep your head warm or protect your eyes from the sun, a hat gets it done.
What's in Bassel's bag

Less is more! The goal is to be able to fit everything into one carry-on bag.

  1. Always, always bring a first aid kit.
  2. If your destination has clean water, pack a bottle that clips to your bag. Or better yet, a Camelbak!
  3. It may seem fun to purchase a new outfit for travel, but if it doesn’t fit right you’ll wish you’d have packed a similar outfit you know is comfortable.
  4. If your going somewhere with vastly different cuisine then at home, bring snacks.
  5. Placing a dryer sheet in your bag helps everything smell nice, and remove static.
  6. If you can’t afford to lose it, do not bring it.
  7. If you are unable to get everything into one bag, be sure to at least have your toothbrush, medicine, and pajamas in your carry-on.
  8. A passport protector isn’t worth the money.
  9. A travel wallet is a nice way to stay organized.
  10. Pack a solar powered charger. Not everywhere has the same outlets, but the sun shines in most places.
  11. Always pack a paper map of the area you’re going to.
  12. Pack extra batteries for both your cell phone and camera.
  13. Pack a notebook and pen. This way, you have notes to go with your photos.
  14. Bring ear plugs. Not every place to spend the night is quiet and peaceful.
  15. Always pack antibacterial wipes.
  16. Always pack extra shoe laces.
  17. Always pack chopsticks and a coffee tin lid (or camping plateware/silverware).
  18. Always pack a poncho.
  19. Always pack extra batteries.
  20. Always pack duct tape.
  21. Always pack a flashlight.
  22. Always pack an alarm clock (or watch, or smartphone).
  23. Sewing kits are only useful if you have a large enough needle to accommodate dental floss or fishing line.
  24. Stationary is useful for a variety of things, and a good idea to bring.
  25. Hygiene is important everywhere! Bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.
  26. Do not bring shorts. You will stand out as a tourist, and this will not make your trip any easier.
  27. Do not bring jewelry. Not every country enforces anti-theft laws.
  28. Leave the bright colors at home. When abroad, opt for neutral tones and avoid patterned clothes.
  29. In some conservative countries, there are more strict dress codes on women than men. Don’t bring anything revealing or short sleeved to these places.
  30. Leave your national flags at home. You are not a walking UN.
  31. In case this isn’t obvious, don’t bring any apparel with curse words on them.
  32. Its also not a good idea to wear apparel with a language you can’t read on it.
  33. Seriously consider leaving all religious paraphernalia at home.

In our next post we will share other tips related to planning, packing and en route or at your destination. So stay tuned!

What about you? Surely you must have some useful nugget of travel wisdom you’ve been dying to share. If so, leave your sage advice in the comments for all to see.

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