Statistics from Six Months of Travel

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A detailed post about our first six months on the road—expenses and statistics from our around-the-world journey.

Well, six months of our journey around the world have passed—six months traveling from one place to the other, jumping between hotels, hostels, private apartments or CouchSurfing here and there.

6 months and going!

Between when we started (with losing my bags in NY subway actually!) and now (planning for the next stage of our travels), we hardly even realized that we’ve been on the road for six months. Crazy how time flies!

We have enjoyed our travels and sightseeing, but a big part of our joy has been from the friends we have made: fellow travelers we met along the way, our hosts in their respective countries, locals in general, and you, our readers!

The true value of travel

Now, let’s dig into the past six months and see where we’ve been so far.

Statistics from the First Six Months

  • Travel distance: We’ve crossed the States from the east to west and moved on to South America, traveling a total of 23,000 KM.
  • Countries & cities: We’ve travelled to 3 countries (USA, Bolivia and we are now in Ecuador) and visited 16 cities.
  • Transportation: To jump between cities, we’ve taken 10 planes, 1 train and 9 buses, and spent a total of 125 hours (that’s 5 days!) on transportation.
  • Money & spending: We’ve spent a total of $14,000 thus far, which we consider high and over our budget—but we know that this is due to plane tickets and shopping (including a MacBook Air!).

    PS: Detailed spending per city can be found on our travel monthly expenses section of the blog.

  • Social media: We are have been pretty slow in our posts, and need to be more active and promote our blog better. The lack of good Internet access in South America is one of the reasons for our slowness. We’re hoping that once we are in Europe things will get better.

    We have 200 followers on Twitter (Arabic, French and English accounts), and 71 on Facebook.

The highlights of our six-month journey:

What’s next?

We are determined to continue our journey and visit as much as we can around the world. We still believe there is a lot to see and do. The next part of our travels will include Europe and the Middle East. Detailed journey and plans for 2013.

The past months have undoubtedly been some of the best months of our entire lives!

Finally, we would like to thank you so much for reading along with our adventures, and for all the support you have given us through your comments and sharing. We appreciate it so much!

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